To Become a Member you Must:

Be employed by or a part of one of the following:

Did you know family and household can join?


Because you are the force behind our credit union’s growth and prosperity, and because credit union work for members, you and fellow members can expect:

1) A financially secure institution complying with the laws and regulations that govern it.
2) A solid financial condition; responsible management of members’ financial resources.
3) Highly principled employees demonstrating integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior.
4) Respectful, courteous, timely, and unbiased personal service.
5) Confidential records and transactions.
6) The opportunity for you opinions to be heard and valid.
7) An equal vote with other members, regardless of account balance.
8) Volunteer credit union board and committee membership opportunities if you qualify and are elected.
9) Dividend and loan rates that compete with and, whenever possible, offer advantages over other financial institutions’ rates.
10) Truthful advertising and disclosure of product and service rates, risks, charges, obligations, terms and conditions.
11) Timely response to loan requests, account problems, or suggestions.
12) Timely response to loan requests, account problems, or suggestions.
13) Recourse appeal and fair resolution of problems
14) Consumer information to help you make wise credit, saving, and purchasing decisions, and to effectively manage your money

CUNA & Affiliates

You can be a credit union member/owner, too.